With over 50 years in Power Generating Systems manufacturing experience, MTU Onsite Energy provides a wide range of reliable, quality built generator sets designed to meet the most demanding specifications.

Applications for Standby or Prime Power, Standard or Custom Applications. MTU Onsite Energy offers the solution to fit a wide range of applications.

If you’re in need of immediate support, please call our 24/7 Generator Support Number: 800-945-1508

Generator Set Features

  • Latest EPA Tier Certified Engines
  • Performance Assurance Certified – Prototype Tested
  • Advanced Digital Engine and Generator Controls
  • Advanced Monitoring and Communications technology
  • UL2200 Listing on Most Models
  • Meets NEMA and CSA Standards
  • High Performance Permanent Magnet Generators Ends
  • Oversized Generator Ends for better performance
  • Standard or Custome Engineered Packages
  • Standard 2-year, 3000 hour warranty

Generator Sets and Standard Equipment

  • Diesel Generator Sets 30 kW to 3250kW
  • Natural Gas / LP Generator Sets 30 kW to 400 kW
  • Available Voltages: 120/240, 120/208, 277/480
  • Medium Voltage: 15kV
  • 50 and 60 Hz operation



  • NFPA 110 level 1 compliant Digital Control Panel
  • Isochronous Governors +/-% Voltage & Frequency Regulation
  • Unit-mounted Main LIne Circuit Breakers 600V 80% Rated
  • Full Float type Battery Chargers
  • Standard Unit mounted radiator cooling system
  • Standard equipped with Engine Block Heaters

Optional Accessories

  • Sound Attenuated, Ultra Quiet and Walk-in Housings
  • Double Wall Sub-Base Fuel Tanks. 24, 48, and 72 hour capacity
  • Remote Day Tanks
  • Remote Radiators – Heat Exchangers
  • Unit-Mounted and Portable Load Banks
  • RS232 RS485 Communications Options
  • Mod bus TCP/RTV and Load Share Modules
  • NFPA 110 Compliant Remote Annunciator Panels and Battery Chargers
  • 100% Rated Main Line Circuit Breakers, Digital Electronic Trips, Ground Faults, Shunt Trips, Auxiliary Contacts
  • Critical and Hospital Grade silencers
  • Spring and Spring Seismic Vibration Isolation
  • Optional 5 and 10 Year Warranty
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